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eSchool News covers the intersection of technology and innovation in education.
  • One-third of U.S. schools use this data technology
    One-­third of K­12 schools in the United States have adopted Clever to secure student data, the company announced. At a time when schools are rapidly embracing technology, Clever is now empowering 44,000 of them to do so while maintaining student data privacy and security. Founded by educators, Clever is a secure software platform that makes it easy for schools and students to use learning software in the classroom. Schools use Clever to securely integrate their learning software with their Student Information Systems (SIS), saving teachers from having to create individual accounts for each of their students. And for students burdened with too many usernames and passwords to remember, Clever offers a universal login experience where they can log in to any application with a single click. Schools trust Clever to provide an added layer of security in the applications they use. Clever ensures that each of the 200 educational applications on its platform meet security and privacy requirements, including end­to­end encryption, uses HTTPS­exclusive logins, and commits to meet federal FERPA obligations. “Technology has tremendous potential to make education more personalized, but none of it will come to pass if we don't set higher standards for student data privacy and security,” said Tyler Bosmeny, co­founder and CEO of Clever. “We are honored to be able to help so many thousands of school districts across the country do just that.” But it’s not just security that schools value. Teachers across America often face incredible obstacles when they try to use learning software in their classrooms – and poorly implemented software means headaches for teachers and lost learning time for students. A nationwide survey of teachers conducted by MDR revealed that the average teacher spends 25 percent of their time in computer labs simply getting students logged into the applications they're supposed to be learning from. 80 percent of teachers said they’d use more technology in class if student sign­on took less time. Clever helps teachers simplify that student login process, giving them back precious teaching time. “Clever is changing how we use software in Oakland schools for the better,” said John Krull, chief technology officer at Oakland Unified School District. “This will save us time in adopting and implementing new software and improve the classroom experience.”
  • How satellite technology can help close the digital divide
    According to the FCC and others, satellite technology holds promise As high-speed internet service becomes more ubiquitous in American households, some readers might be surprised to find out that a “digital divide” exists in many of our schools. According to a 2014 blog post from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, “Forty-one percent of America’s rural schools  [ Read More ]
  • 5 strategies for supporting students with autism
    Technology plays a role in helping students with autism succeed in school Transitioning to a new school year often is challenging for students with autism, but technology can help support those students as they become more independent in their learning. During an edWeb webinar, visual strategist and speech language pathologist Linda Hodgdon shared five tips to  [ Read More ]
  • 35 Jewish schools launch STEM program
    Thirty-five Jewish Day Schools nationwide are launching the CIJE-Tech MS Program, a new STEM engineering program designed specifically for middle school grades. The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (, which provides and supports the implementation of programs that include engaging curricula, teacher training and advanced technology, is introducing the new CIJE program at 35 schools for the 2015-2016 school year. In the CIJE-Tech MS program, students are provided with a challenging and rigorous program of study focusing on the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects as well as experience in teamwork, innovative thinking and problem solving. Each class receives equipment and materials from CIJE and the teachers undergo specialized training to “reorient” how they approach class material. “We focus on retraining teachers for a self-directed classroom and let student teams determine the best solution to a problem themselves,” explains Judy Lebovits, CIJE vice president and director. “This new program is going to give our Jewish Day School and Yeshiva students a greater advantage in STEM curriculum which encourages innovation, creativity and problem solving. The CIJE-Tech MS Program includes activities that improve student and teacher content knowledge and teacher pedagogical skills. Innovative strategies are employed, including small group collaborative work and the use of hands-on activities and experiments to promote inquiry and curiosity. Learning is connected to the real world through an emphasis on the application of STEM subjects to everyday life, employment, and the surrounding environment.” Over the course year, students will apply their inventiveness and innovation skills in teams developing all types of products and machines. This ranges from advanced circuitry to bridge building to developing prosthetic limbs. The CIJE-Tech Middle School Program will also help students become better prepared for the already established CIJE-Tech High School Engineering program, currently provided in close to 50 schools nationwide. CIJE-Tech is a two-year course in Scientific and Biomedical Engineering curriculum that prepares 9th and 10th grade students for careers in engineering, programming and advanced technology. Self-directed classroom study and hands on interactive curricula culminate in a year-end capstone project applying the STEM principles acquired in both CIJE programs.
  • SchoolDude introduces management platforms, mobile app
    SchoolDude, a provider of operations management solutions, has launched two Collaborative Operations Management platforms, MaintenanceEssentials Pro and EventEssentials Pro. For the first time, SchoolDude’s solutions are available in two comprehensive platforms, helping educational institutions collaborate with their peers, boost efficiency and increase responsiveness, communication and transparency. MaintenanceEssentials Pro, a Facilities Management platform, and EventEssentials Pro, a Facilities Event and Community Use Management platform, will enable institutions to communicate, collaborate and complete operational work more efficiently. “Our new platform model creates more collaboration opportunities so institutions can take full advantage of operations expertise and big data insights and analysis from schools across the country,” said Nick Mirisis, director of marketing and business development of SchoolDude. “We understand that operations professionals don’t have time to recreate the wheel and want to implement the proven best practices strategies for their operations. The new platforms allow educational leaders to use the power of big data to identify and predict operational gaps and emergencies, implement continuous improvement strategies to achieve greater success, and adopt a proactive management model.” At the core of the new platform is SchoolDude’s corrective and preventive maintenance solution. MaintenanceEssentials Pro now offers a mobile work management app integrated with SchoolDude’s maintenance management solution. Mobile interfaces and voice-activated note taking makes it easy for staff to capture work order information on-site which will help save staff work time. EventEssentials Pro Streamlines Facility Scheduling With Calendar Integration and Online Payments With a Calendar Integration feature, EventEssentials Pro simplifies and automates the facility scheduling, invoicing, risk assessment and communication and processes associated with the publication of calendar events. An Online Payment capability streamlines billing and payment collection for external events helping institutions save valuable time and money.
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