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  • Common Core awareness skyrockets
    Public awareness of the Common Core State Standards has skyrocketed, increasing from 38 percent to 81 percent in just one year, according to the 46th annual PDK/Gallup Poll on the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. But while awareness has seen a boost, 60 percent of Americans said they don’t support the Common Core, with many saying they are worried that the standards will prevent teachers from teaching the material they think is most important for students. Of those who oppose the Common Core, 77 percent cited lack of local teacher support as a very important or somewhat important reason for their opposition, and 68 percent cited their belief that the Common Core will result in a national curriculum and national tests. Fifty-six percent of poll respondents said local school boards should have the most say in what is taught in U.S. public schools, and 54 percent said they do not think standardized testing helps local teachers. Though many respondents said they don’t believe standardized tests help teachers, they do support such testing to determine achievement as it relates to college placement tests and graduation. When it comes to challenges facing U.S. public schools, lack of financial support tops the list (32 percent), followed by concerns about curriculum standards (9 percent), student discipline (9 percent), and attracting and retaining high-quality teachers (8 percent). “It’s pretty clear that ‘Common Core’ has become a polarizing term,” said Terry Holliday, Kentucky’s commissioner of education, during a conference call with reporters. “I think the rush to implement No Child Left Behind waiver requirements, and standards, assessments, and teacher evaluations, has led the public to connect the Common Core with a federal overreach of education.” Many educators are questioning the standards, too. “There’s a major pushback from teachers, who have connected the Common Core to standardized testing, which connects to their evaluations, so they question the validity,” Holliday said.
  • 5 apps to keep parents and teachers connected
    As we prepare for a new school year, many parents would like to know how they can better connect and stay in touch with teachers. Maintaining open channels of communication can help prevent and detect if a student is falling behind, and what steps should be taken to improve the situation.
  • 3 things you might not know about Google for Education
    What does it mean to “go Google” as a K-12 school or district? In a recent eSchool News webinar sponsored by Google, James Leonard from the Google for Education team gave an overview of the many ways the company is using open technology “to improve learning for everyone, everywhere.”
  • How Indian Lakes Streamlined Ed-Tech Professional Development
    Ohio's Indian Lakes Local School District needed a way to educate teachers on today’s digital tools, including Google Apps, Chromebooks, and iPads—as well as bridge the growing technology gap between students and teachers. After the district partnered with Grovo to develop training, 81% of teachers reported deeper knowledge of fundamental concepts, 78% said they’d be able to put new concepts to immediate use, and 54% completed more training than assigned.
  • DynaVox Unveils World’s Largest Dedicated Speech-generating Tablet
    Pittsburgh, PA, August 19, 2014 – DynaVox Systems, LLC, a Tobii Technology Company and the global leader in communication solutions for those with disabilities, today unveiled the DynaVox T15, a powerful, 15-inch dynamic display tablet for individuals with advanced access needs, visual impairments or physical limitations. As the world’s largest dedicated speech-generating tablet, the T15  [ Read More ]
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A wlaelo Schools Alumni Association is non-profit & non - political organization. It was established on July 5, 2003 in Denver, CO under section 501©(3) of the internal Revenue Code".

The purpose of the association is to help all schools of Kilte-Awlaelo to provide a better education and to create a comfortable learning environment to all students of Kilte-Awlaelo.

Kilte-Awlaelo is located in Tigrai, Ethiopia.

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