Awlaelo Schools Alumni in the Coming Five Years – Draft for Discussion


Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association (ASAS) has been involved in serious development activities in Awlaelo mainly in the education sector. It has launched best student-teacher award programs, and the construction of a modern library that is nearing completion. Beyond this, the association has been instrumental in mobilizing Awlaeloyans from all corners of the nation to meet and greet and deliberate on the future of our children, brothers and sisters back at Awlaelo.


eSchool News

eSchool News
eSchool News covers the intersection of technology and innovation in education.
  • 5 must-watch TED Talks
    The nonprofit Technology, Education and Design (TED) is “devoted to spreading ideas,” according to its mission statement. How does it do that? By recording and posting various talks on different topics, given by experts in different fields. It began in 1984, but has lately risen to new popularity, and now has a worldwide following of these “Ted Talks.” Not only does Ted have a wide range of Talks devoted exclusively to education, but many of these talks - all available online - deal specifically with education technology, and how to best integrate technological innovations into schools everywhere. Below are five standout Ted Talks on the subject of ed-tech, each given by an education professional or technology expert with their own unique vision for how to improve the quality of learning.
  • School libraries urged to embrace the digital–cautiously
    Technology might make some parts of libraries obsolete--but librarians won't be among them, panelists contended at the annual Texas Library Association conference in San Antonio, which drew 7,200 attendees. As the popularity of electronic books continues to rise, schools are emerging as a dynamic area of how libraries adjust, they said. Educators and administrators, struggling to figure out how much to spend on their campus libraries amid state funding cuts, have reduced library staff and pondered the potential savings of buying digital books over printed ones. But concerns that students will increasingly be left with a self-service method of accessing books and research materials stem from the realization that today's students are more tech-savvy than their predecessors. Printed or digital, the focus should be on the best way to provide students access to quality materials that will bolster their education, a trio of panelists from Houston Independent School District, ITT Technical Institute in Austin and Bexar County's own BiblioTech library agreed in a discussion Thursday afternoon. BiblioTech continues to generate international attention as one of the first libraries to go all digital, with no titles in traditional print media, and has been pushing partnerships with local schools to keep students interested in reading. One key approach librarians can use to reinforce why they are relevant is a renewed focus on personal interaction with readers and learners, said Elizabeth Philippi, who oversees Houston ISD's massive school library system, which is shifting more of its resources online.
  • Why Pinterest Is The Google Competitor You Weren’t Expecting
    There are now nearly one billion "Place Pins" on Pinterest, the company said in an email Monday. And with that announcement, Pinterest moves one step closer to becoming a true search engine alternative to Google, ReadWriteWeb reports. Now, Pinterest's Place Pins aren't going to replace Google Maps anytime soon—or ever. But for users that would rather graze than pinpoint one exact spot, Place Pins are great for browsing various locales around the globe.
  • The Deafening Silence of Teachers
    As Americans we have always been taught that one of the greatest things about being an American Citizen is that we are protected by the First Amendment in the United States Constitution, the Huffington Post reports. We pride ourselves with having the ability to speak without fear of retribution and to make sure if injustices are occurring, we have the ability to addressing them.
  • 3 Must-Know Tips For Anyone Nervous About EdTech
    Dear “Nervous To Try Something New With EdTech”: You know when you spoke with me the other day and told me that that introducing more tech into my class was fine for me because I was ‘into it’ and ‘understood’ it? That you were not going to try a new way of doing things (edtech-wise) because your students would see that you weren’t an expert, Edudemic reports.
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